PCI Express(Course 703 – 32 Hours)


The course provides a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the PCI Express technology. The course is fully up-to-date and supports the latest version of the international specification (2.0). It covers all aspects of the specification from a hardware design perspective and also discusses the software requirements of PCI Express implementations. This course provides example implementations, and practical guidance that will give a running start on your design.

Course Objectives:

The participants will be able to specify performance, define architecture and design hardware platforms and configure the configuration space.

Who Should Attend:

This in-depth course is hardware and software oriented. It describes all options and performance, and as a result it is useful for System Architecture as well.


Attendees should be either experienced hardware or software engineers.

Course Contents:

Legacy PCI – Fundamentals (Plug & Play)

  • Performance
  • Basic architecture
  • Memory, I/O, and Configuration space
  • Configuration process
  • Data transfer
  • PCI to PCI Transparent Bridge concept
  • Using IL Generator

Introduction to PCI Express

  • Why new I/O architecture
  • Link and Lane definition
  • Root Complex, Switch & Endpoint definition
  • Layers overview (Transaction, Data & Physical)
  • Card specification (Electrical and Mechanical)
  • Advanced Switching (advanced peer to peer communication)

Mechanical Specification

  • Connector types
  • Add In Card form factor

Physical Layer

  • Electrical Sub Block
  • Card Specification
  • Design guidelines
  • Lanes
  • Link State machine
  • Link Training process
  • Configuration space – Link Capability

Data Link Layer Basics

  • Packet Types
  • Packet Format
  • Data Link Layer Packet (DLLP)
  • Timeout
  • Retry

Transaction Layer

  • Layering Overview
  • Transaction Types (Memory, I/O, Configuration, Messages)
  • TLP Header Format
  • Request Rules
  • Completion Rules
  • Maximum Packet Size

System Architecture

  • ECRC
  • Message Type
  • Error Signaling
  • Flow Control
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Interrupt Mechanism (INYx & MSI)
  • Intel 915G Chipset


  • Reset, Clocks, Cut-Through
  • Power Management (PM)
  • Slot Capability
  • Hot Plug – basics
  • Hot Plug/ Removal implementation

Configuration Space

  • Type 0 Configuration Space
  • PCIe Capability Structure (inside legacy configuration space)
    • PCI Express Capabilities
    • Device Capabilities
    • Link Capabilities
    • Slot Capabilities
    • Root Complex
  • Extended capabilities
    • Advanced Error Reporting
    • Virtual Channel

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