USB Architecture(Course 704 – 24 Hours)


The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the theoretical knowledge required for defining and implementing systems based on USB versions 2 & 3. The course begins with basic concepts and then fully describes in detail USB Architecture (USB2.0 & USB 3.0). The material is fully up-to-date and supports the latest version of the international specification. The course also partially covers OTG, UTMI, LPM, EHCI and HSIC. During the course there are many examples which cover all aspects of USB specification.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, the student will: Be able to define the required performance and define USB Descriptors Be able to design and debug USB devices (HW & SW)

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for Project Managers, Software and Hardware Engineers who design and implement USB 2 & 3.


Attendees should be either experienced hardware or software engineers.

Course Contents:

Background & Fundamentals

  • USB Motivation
  • Bus Topology
  • Endpoints
  • USB 2.0 Data Flow (Bulk, Isochronous, Interrupt, Control)
  • USB 3.0 Basic Concept (Mechanical, Power Management, Packet Routing)
  • Super Speed Layers

Power Management

  • U0
  • U1
  • U2
  • U3
  • System Exit Latency
  • Self & Bus Power Device


  • Device States
  • Device Class
  • Descriptor Tree
  • Device Descriptor
  • Control Descriptor
  • Interface Descriptor
  • Endpoint Descriptor
  • Endpoint Companion Descriptor
  • BOS

Control Transfer

  • USB 2.0 Control Transfer
  • USB 3.0 Control Transfer
  • Setup – Standard Request Code


  • Hub Architecture
  • Hub Routing & Signaling
  • Hub Descriptors
  • Port Status


  • Configuration Device
  • HID Class
  • Mass Storage Class
  • USB 3.0 Tracer Plot

Supplement Specifications

  • OTG
  • HSIC
  • UTMI
  • EHCI
  • USB3.1 Main Features

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