Software Development

Mabel Technology specializes in software development on a wide variety of platforms.

  • Embedded Linux system development
    • BSP/Driver development
    • Low-Level Software development
    • High-level software development including user interfaces, communication, working with hardware, and multimedia
  • Android-based system development
    • Embedded android system development
    • Configuring BSP and hardware modules for Android
    • Plug-in development for Android and custom ROM development
    • Application development including native code integration
    • Game development
  • Biometric solutions development
    • Facial recognition systems
    • Fingerprint matching
    • Multi-modal recognition systems
  • Microsoft .NET based system development
    • Distributed system development - Socket programming, WCF
    • Database-based system development
    • Web development
    • Design and development of desktop/client applications
  • IOS & OSX development
    • Mac OS applicaiton development
    • IOS game and application development
  • Embedded/Real time development
    • Microcontroller based system development without operating system
    • RTOS (Vxworks, Cmx, PouerPac, Rtx, Threadx) based system development
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